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Our Promise to You

Don't risk locking yourself into a contract with an auction house where they cannot and will not guarantee you a sale or the sales price for your antique Tiffany lamp. Don't sell to a dealer who will give you less money for your antique Tiffany lamp to help cover their very high overhead and other expenses.

We can and will guarantee to you in writing both an exact price and guaranteed sale!

What We Do

We maintain a select list of  private collectors/buyers who are actively seeking signed and authenticated Tiffany Studios lamps of any size and style (in excellent condition or with minimal damage only); including Tiffany hanging shades, Tiffany table lamps, Tiffany floor lamps (dome or leaded shade, any size), Tiffany desk lamps, Tiffany chandeliers, authentic signed Tiffany bronze lamp bases (must be signed and numbered on the bottom of the base), and authentic signed Tiffany lamp shades in very good to excellent condition.

For more information on original Tiffany lamps, and some representative examples of the types, varieties, and appearance of the authentic Tiffany lamps we are seeking on behalf of our buyers/collectors, we invite you to view our antique Tiffany lamps example page.

How We Work With Antique Tiffany Lamps

~ The "Buyer Pays All The Fees" Approach ~

The largest costs to the seller-owner when selling at auction or through a nice gallery are the "fees and commissions" they must pay to the auction house or gallery owner for selling their authentic Tiffany lamps. These fees can often total between 20 - 40% of the actual sale price! We decided that since all buyers would have to pay a commission if they bought at any major auction house, or indirectly pay more if they bought from a consignment gallery, we might as well charge them a "finder's fee" commission and put none of the costs or commissions onto the lamp owner. Makes sense to us!

Because we are professionals who work with a long and established list of collectors/buyers, we are in a position to discreetly present your antique Tiffany lamp to private collectors who are only interested in original Tiffany lamps and occasionally Tiffany Studios windows. For more information regarding our brokerage services, conditions, and how it all works, we ask that you carefully review our Tiffany lamps "Brokerage Services" page.

Antique Tiffany Lamps and Original Tiffany Lamps

Why It Works

There are many risks involved in attempting to sell a genuine Tiffany lamp on your own. Over exposure, or "shopping an item around," can have the most detrimental effects on its ultimate ability to sell and/or sell for the price it should be worth. Once a lamp has been "burned" (overexposed) within the marketplace, damage recovery becomes a very difficult task.

We are professionals with over years of experience, specializing in the evaluation and private brokering of authentic Tiffany lamps, antique Tiffany lamps, Tiffany floor lamps, Tiffany table lamps, original Tiffany lamps and Tiffany hanging shades. We are discreet, and have a ready list of collectors/buyers eager to purchase authentic Tiffany lamps and/or original Tiffany lamps of all kinds. To find out if your antique lamp is indeed an authentic Tiffany lamp, please take the time to read the content on the pages within this site. They contain a great deal of general knowledge, designed to help and educate you. Please complete our simple online Tiffany Lamp "Evaluation Form" and submit it to us in email. Doing so places you under no obligation whatsoever, and will be a useful tool in helping us determine the authenticity, quality and salability of the lamp in your possession.