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About "Antique Tiffany Lamps" and Dennis R. Tesdell

Fine Art Investments, established in 1972 by Dennis R. Tesdell, is a professional fine art and antique Brokerage service, specializing in the location, evaluation, authentication and brokering (selling on behalf of the owner) of  authentic Tiffany lamps. We do not maintain an inventory of original Tiffany lamps for sale, nor are we auctioneers or a "store front" dealer or gallery. We are here to help legitimate owners sell their authentic Tiffany Studios lamp (s) in a professional and successful manner.

We are a Brokerage Service for authentic, antique Tiffany lamps, who act as a liaison between prospective sellers and our extensive list of screened, private collectors, who consistently pay very good prices for quality lamps. We work with clients from all across the United States (your location doesn't matter) in a professional, confidential and timely manner, at NO FEE TO YOU the seller. 

Dennis Tesdell has been both an antique and fine art appraiser, and for the past 40+ years, a private broker specializing in authentic Tiffany Studios lamps and windows. He has written many articles and blogs on fine art, antique and art appraising, Tiffany Studios lamps, and other related topics for several national magazines since 1978. He was a major contributor to the only DUMMIES book on antique collecting, “Antiquing For Dummies.”
Dennis can be reached at this email address.


A few testimonials about Dennis R. Tesdell:

“In the world of antiques, there are two critical qualities that you want in a person with whom you are dealing, either as a buyer, seller, or appraiser. These are (1) expertise, and (2) integrity. In the realm in which Mr. Tesdell deals, he has superior knowledge, and his integrity is of the highest order.”
 – Mr. Saunders Miller, Vienna, VA

“Dennis Tesdell did an outstanding job of brokering my very nice Tiffany Studios “Dragonfly” table lamp during the recent long recession period. I have a large collection of genuine Tiffany items, so I knew the market for my lamp fairly well. I am sure Dennis got me a net price I could never have gotten from any auction house or through any other outlet. He was pleasant to work with, honest and very professional throughout the process.” 
- Mr. Lee Kramer, Washington, DC

“I was having an antique leaded glass lamp evaluated by Dennis, and he knew immediately it was not presented to me as it was supposed to be. He was very knowledgeable. I would use Dennis again for advice or brokering anything related to Tiffany Studios.  I know from reading articles about him that Dennis has been involved heavily in this field for many years, is very well studied and has been very successful in this business. I would recommend him anytime.
- Ms. Debora Dickinson, Chicago, IL

“Dennis Tesdell is an ethical, honest and well informed broker. I have worked with him over 30 years...appraising, buying and selling. He has always been fair and responsible.”
– Dr. Tom Ericson, Des Moines, IA