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Tiffany Lamp Assessment Guidelines

Tiffany Peony Lamp

We thank you in advance for your honest answers. This will enable us to be as accurate as possible in assessing your lamp as to authenticity, age, quality, condition and sales potential. Completing this form puts you under no obligation whatsoever. It's merely the simplest way for us to assess what you have.

Along with needing good, clear, digital photos to properly assess what you have and to authenticate what you have as a real Tiffany lamp or not, please complete all the form questions below to the best of your ability.

Please click the submit button only once when you have finished completing the form. You will be directed to a "Thank You" page which will tell you what we need for photographs and how to email the photographs of your item to us. We respect your privacy and will not share your photographs with anyone outside of this firm.

Tiffany Lamp Assessment Form

All fields marked with an * are required.

  1. Are you the legal owner of the lamp? - Yes   No
    If you are not the owner, please provide your relationship to the owner.
  2. *Your Name:
  3. *Your Email Address:
  4. Your phone number (optional):
  5. How long have you owned the lamp?
  6. *How did the lamp come into your possession?
  7. If you have any other history on the lamp, such as when it was bought and where, or anything else that would help authenticate it and establish accurate history on it, that is always helpful.
  8. *What type of lamp is it?
  9. *What type of pattern is on the lamp shade?
  10. *What is the diameter or width (across the bottom) of the glass shade at the widest point?
  11. *Have you ever had the lamp appraised or inspected by a Tiffany expert? Yes   No
  12. *Have you shown, or are you currently showing this lamp (via email, in an online auction, or by other means) for the purpose of authentication or sale to other people besides our firm, or have you done so in the past 3 years? - Yes   No
    If so, how recently was this lamp offered?
    And also, how was it offered?
  13. *Are you aware of any signatures or markings on the lamp shade or base?
    Keep in mind that very good fakes made in the past 45 years will also be signed, so any markings or signatures alone unfortunately, do not mean that the lamp is "authentic." - Yes:   No:
  14. *Does the lamp have any damage to the shade or the base (missing glass, cracked panes of glass or chips, etc.)? - Yes   No
    If so, please describe accurately as best you can the extent of all damage.
  15. *Enter this word: captcha

While we invite your inquiries and photos regarding our services and information on the lamp you have in your possession, please note: We will give you our preliminary opinion as to authenticity (if what you have appears to be an authentic Tiffany lamp) and a broad price range. We do not however, provide free appraisals or other specifics unless we are going to help you broker your lamp.